The director of “Swide”, D&G’s magazine, resigns: “Their opinions are incompatible with my conscience”


This will be a hard hit for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Following the boycott launched by LGBT News Italia, to wich Elton John, Ricky Martin and other celebrities have now taken part, Giuliano Federico director of Swide Magazine resigned. This goes to show that there are people that in order to defend their dignity as human beings and their ideals, are willing to go as far as to sacrifice their job and that Italy is more then just bigotry and out of date thinking. He does that relying on social media, specifically Facebook, on which he published the message, a hymn to freedom and dignity of which Italy should be proud:

Dear Facebook friends,
I’m writing here to inform you all that today I’ve presented my resignation as editorial director at, Dolce&Gabbana’s magazine. It has been a difficult but clear decision. Over the last years, together with the editorial team and many indipendent contributors from all over the world, we’ve been telling tales from the past and the present about Italians and Italy, following the extraordinary way of Stefano and Domenico in making the italian culture and traditions a pop statement.
I believe that fashion designers should stay in their own routes simply designing clothes, even if Stefano and Domenico always successfully aimed in putting their own personal values into their collections.
Although recent personal opinions expressed by the two designers in the interview for Panorama magazine regarding the idea of family and the way human beings can create their own families, values that are central in the public italian political debate , are in total conflict with my personal believes and with my commitments towards civil rights in my country.
For this reason I’ve resigned from my role as editorial director at It is time that each of us makes little actions to claim their own believes.
I’m proud of being italian, proud of our past and traditions, but i believe that Italy can look at a more modern and equal future for our citizens and children. All children.

[Thanks to Matt Dragà for the image]

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